Story Telling in Sales

Lead Generation Through Story Telling

There is no shortage of information on the internet about Lead Generation.

From content to companies, everyone seems to be promising leads and hot opportunities. And though many of these suggestions and services are worthwhile for lead generation, there is often a feeling that we need something more.  Something that is really going to make a difference in the lives of our prospects and those we want to connect with for sales opportunities. What if the answer was held directly in the hands of the sales team?

Is it possible to use story telling as a means of lead generation?

What would happen if as sales people we started relying MORE on the tried, tested and true tradition of story telling INSTEAD of reciting off features + benefits?

Here are a few of the things the team at SalesEvolve is learning about story telling as Lead Generation as we grow together:

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People don’t buy facts – they buy a feeling:
Successful sales people embrace the power of story telling in lead generation whether they realize it or not. Successful brands and companies know the importance of feeling. They work out how the customer wants to feel and entices them to make their purchase.

This doesn’t discredit the importance of creating valuable and well made products and offering top notch services. No one wants to pay money for poor quality.

But there is something to be said about knowing what your prospect and potential customer wants to feel and delivering that feeling to them as you share your product or service.

It isn’t necessarily the person with the best idea or product that wins:
There are so many beautiful things that are made. From software to sweaters and everything in between. We know that often times companies fail because of marketing and sales – not because of innovation.

What does this disconnect mean?

It’s means the salesperson with the greatest understanding about what matters to their prospect will eventually make the sale. Taking the information they learn and translating it as opportunity to serve and delight the prospect will make sales revenues grow.

Sales is more about understanding and less about persuasion:

A story always resonates because someone took the time to understand the audience it was intended for. Many salespeople are confident they are talking less and listening more. But listening is also different than understanding.

Listening implies that one is paying attention to what is being heard. But understanding is comprehending what is being heard and knowing how to apply or adapt actions to what you’ve discovered.

When you truly understand what your prospect needs, how they want to feel and what pain you can take away, its then you can craft your story and share it.

Make your prospect on the other end feel like you are speaking to them, even in the beginning of your lead generation conversations.

Value is created at the intersection of the customer’s worldview andyour understanding of how your product meets that worldview. When we understand truly and deeply what our prospect wants and needs,communicating to them should be effortless.

It’s our job as Salespeople to give people stories to believe in, not just features and benefits to measure:
When was the last time you got excited about a feature and benefit when you were purchasing something? When we are shopping for a new car, or for a new outfit – very few of us are listening to the specs on the door size or the cotton blend on that skirt we are eying up. We want to see the product, embrace how it makes us feel, picture ourselves using it, and imaging life with that new thing.

Our prospects are no different.

At SalesEvolve we are always trying to improve our skills, process and lead generation abilities. It is always our goal to create solutions around your specific needs. We want to understand your goals and help you achieve them. We are always willing to have a conversation, no matter what stage your business is in or what your needs are. What could we achieve a year from now, if we started today?

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