Holistic Sales Training Programs for All Customer Facing Staff

All Training Programs Custom Fit for Your Business and Staff

Say goodbye to obsolete sales methodologies and hard-sell techniques. Don’t settle for just a binder of reference materials when training is complete. SalesEvolve ensures that learning applies long after the in-class portion is complete.

Not your old-school sales training program:

  • Customized content, workshops and exercises to suit your unique business and staff
  • Trains all customer facing staff to understand their role in sales, regardless of position
  • Teaches how successful businesses budget, plan and make decisions, so to help people embrace targets, CRM usage and commissions.
  • Breaks down sales stereotypes and teaches people to embrace and own their role in sales.
  • Emphasis on value-based selling and customer experience
  • Teaches the importance of being prepared, systematic, strategic and purposeful.
  • Includes guest speakers as subject matter experts
  • Encourages collaboration; your team builds their own sales playbook, training and reference materials to support themselves in their role
  • Training workshops are designed to help your staff sell as a team
  • Science & psychology focus helps people understand people

Let’s Build the Right Training Solution for your Team.

Many Training Topics to Choose From:

Online sales training, and in-person programs designed for Customer-Facing staff, Salespeople, Managers and Sr. Executives

1. What is Sales? Who is in Sales?13. Negotiating and dealing with purchasers
2. Company Growth: The Role of Management14. Customer Success: Developing positive customer experiences
3. Selling in Today’s World & Why People Buy15. Customer Intelligence: Feedback, Validation
4. Identifying the Customer Buying Cycle16. Hunting for new business – How to Prospect
5. Customer Focused Messaging Development17. Prospecting Workshop (Practical Application)
6. Communicating Well with your audience18. CRM – Its true purpose and effective use
7. Communications Standards19. Sales Funnel Management and Forecasting
8. Qualification #1 (Qualification Framework)20. Developing Accounts: Grow your business with customers
9. Qualification #2 (Practical Application)21. Writing Account Plans
10. Purpose-driven work to progress sales22. Maximizing the ROI from Events / Trade shows
11. Objection Handling23. Conducting live meetings with clients
12. Writing effective quotes / proposals / contracts 24. Building a personal sales plan

Big Savings for Canadians!

The Canada Job Grant enables many provinces to provide funding programs that will cover a significant portion of your training costs – as much as 100%!

SalesEvolve will help by providing custom training quotes to help you apply for these incentives.

Funding Programs by Province:

Sales Training for Teams

Build Your Custom Training Program:

Do your staff need a refresher on a single subject or a full-suite curriculum? Do you have a mix of staff with varying roles, skillsets and experience levels? Let SalesEvolve design an engaging training program that will challenge everyone to grow.

Baseline Analysis

Identify your training goals, assess team knowledge baselines, understand processes, tools and how sales are done today.

Review Findings

Review analysis together and discuss recommendations for training topics and methodology best suited to your group.  

Prioritize & Schedule

Set training priorities and desired outcomes. Finalize training schedule & send invitations.

Tailor Content

Examples, Exercises, Workshops and Course Content are customized to your needs.

Training Delivery

In-person or online, content is taught, workshops are delivered, and supports are co-developed with your team to integrate into everyday life.

Training Support

Coaching and consultation for trainees and management to apply concepts learned to work life.

Big Training Outcomes:

  • A completed sales team playbook, training guide and custom reference materials
  • Improved ability to progress sales, overcome challenges and retain customers
  • More accurate forecasting and sales pipelines
  • Confidence & skill prospecting for new business opportunities
  • Increased empathy, respect, and understanding of customers and colleagues
  • Strategies for building rapport, customer communication, working opportunities and winning deals
  • New insights into your staff, their struggles and how to make your business stronger
With SaleEvolve’s Sales Foundations training Programs, you will continue to receive value long after our trainers have left the building.

In late 2014, NVP Software Solutions retained SalesEvolve to carry out a Sales Health Check. They captured our current situation very well and identified several items that were not obvious to NVP. They also came up with a number Sales and Development efforts divided between the short and long term. We have recently implemented a number of the short term objectives and are working on the long term. We have seen more interest in the services and more visits to the website in the last couple of months. Other initiatives are showing growth as we implement the changes.

~ Neil Price-Jones, President, NVP Software Solutions

Holistic Sales Training
Business, woman and presentation with staff, brainstorming and planning for company growth, sales a.

Training Delivery Solutions For Every need: In-Person & On-Site

Our knowledgeable and friendly training staff are happy to deliver training at a location of your choice.

  • Online Delivery: SalesEvolve can deliver training online sales training to accommodate your remote staff. We can also combine online and in-person training for teams that spread over multiple regions.
  • Subject Matter Based Sessions: Does your team need refinement on a particular subject? SalesEvolve is happy to deliver tailored subject matter training at your sales events and conferences..