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About SalesEvolve


At SalesEvolve we care about integrity and delivering clients value through sound strategy and intelligent sales execution. We’ve used these principles to build a team of highly skilled and experienced sales professionals, consultants, strategists and entrepreneurs who genuinely invest in our clients’ success.

Our senior staff bring over 100 years of combined sales leadership experience with rich backgrounds in software, IT, manufacturing, environmental and various service based industries. We’ve got the experience to envision the right strategy and we back it up with sales processes, tools and ongoing support. Our team is energized by discovering a better way forward and injecting new ambition and enthusiasm into our clients’ business. We aren’t stuffy or soulless individuals in pressed suits, but we are excited to see companies grow and thrive.


We believe that a supportive work environment leads to exceptional results. We strive for a workplace that’s cheerful, uplifting and encouraging. These values empower our team to drive value for our clients and make SalesEvolve a great place to work. We are not afraid to challenge convention. Instead of stifling ideas, we encourage our people to think creatively and untraditionally. At SalesEvolve, that’s how we foster ingenuity, that’s how we hustle, how we sell and have fun.

Meet some of our Senior Staff!

  • Justin Vanhartingsveldt profile picture

    Justin Vanhartingsveldt

    President & Co-Founder

    Justin has a heart for sales and helping companies to grow. He believes in fostering a work environment where people are valued and placed in positions where they will be successful. Justin is passionate about utilising the unique, inherent strengths of businesses and individuals to foster growth. With over 20 years of professional experience, he has dedicated much time to Software, Information Technology, Environmental and Services based industries where he has served in a variety of capacities including technical roles, operations, sales and Sr. management. He's analytical and thorough by nature, and enjoys learning new disciplines.

    Justin spends his time managing the operations, systems and growth plans of SalesEvolve and also provides business counselling services to clients. Outside of the office, Justin most enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and 3 children. He also enjoys motorcycling, grooming his beard and cheering for sports teams that rarely win (Go Leafs Go!).

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  • Mark Wolters profile picture

    Mark Wolters

    President & Co-Founder

    Mark is focused on helping companies and the people who run them to reach their best. For over 25 years, he has been helping businesses make clear and continuous improvements at a pace that clients desire. Go-To- Market models that are globally orientated, repeatable, sustainable are a personal passion of his. Over the years Mark has served in roles such as VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Director of Business Development, Senior Partner Manager, Senior Consultant, and Psychotherapist. Mark’s approach to identifying areas of opportunity are not market dependent; he's worked within various industries such as aerospace, sheet metal, heavy equipment manufacturing, software, retail, assembly production, automotive, skid-based technologies and even not-for-profits and socially-minded business ventures.

    These days, he splits he time between the management of SalesEvolve Solutions and managing/consulting enterprise-level go-to-market projects for globally distributed companies. In his personal life, Mark has been married to an incredible woman for over 20 years, is a proud dad, a craft beer drinker, bird watcher (hey look, a bird!) and outdoor enthusiast.

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  • John MacLean profile picture

    John MacLean

    Director, Business Development Services

    John began his working life serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. As a telecommunication technologist, he served across Canada and in Europe. After retiring from the military, John decided to pursue a profession sales which was inspired by his father's dedication and enjoyment of the profession. It didn’t take long and he was hooked. John is the first to tell you that sales is where he will spend the remainder of his working life. Over the past 21 years John thrived in non profit environments, publishing, consulting, new business development and lead generation. John continues to look forward to the challenge of finding and delivering new business.

    John’s belief in accountability is best summed up in the old saying “If not now, when? If not me, who?”

    Away from work, John enjoys spending time with any or all of his six adult children and his wife. John loves to relax by reading, playing chess and lifting weights. Due to a mishap, John's doctor and the Chess Federation Safety Officer have banned him from doing all 3 activities at once.

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  • Wes DeKlerk profile picture

    Wes DeKlerk

    Director, Client Strategy

    Wes' entrepreneurial passion drives value for our partners. His varied background in media, educational technology and sales experience in IT services, computer hardware, media production and the construction industry bring a wide range of skills and experience to our clients. Wes is creatively curious and keen to build more effective and efficient sales strategies and processes. An admirer of the art and science of sales and business communications, he helps our clients to better understand, articulate and document their struggles so that they can chart a better path forward.

    Wes is a long suffering Toronto Maple Leafs fan, a tech junkie and proud father of Dwight.

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  • Heather Seunath profile picture

    Heather Seunath

    Manager, Customer Success

    Heather has over 15 years experience developing and implementing long term strategic development plans for Canadian and International clients in the publishing, academia and non-profit sectors. Heather finds practical solutions to complex problems, with a commitment to creativity and innovation. With a passion for building longstanding relationships, Heather enjoys being able to make a difference in the organizations of her clients. Prior to joining SalesEvolve, Heather held positions as Sales and Marketing Manager, Project and Operations Manager and Publication Director.

    When not at work, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband and running around with (or after) their daughter. As a self-proclaimed foodie, you will find Heather entertaining and cooking elaborate meals on weekends with her family and friends while enjoying a great glass of wine.

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