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Outsourced Sales for Startups & Early-Stage Companies

The University of Waterloo was interested in working with a partner that was willing to provide more than traditional sales training. In the academic world, the word ‘sales’ often carries a negative connotation. SalesEvolve was able to understand that and work with it. They helped to alleviate the fear of sales in our employees and focused on the benefits of providing sales as a service.

We didn’t want this to be a tick box exercise or a ‘one and done’ training delivery model. We wanted this training to continue to live where sales management were equipped with the tools to continue to train their employees and new hires. SalesEvolve went one step further – and created the legacy to build the sales training module into our onboarding for new team members.

~ Ross Johnston, Executive Director, Co-operative Education, University of Waterloo

Outsourced Sales for Startups

Sales Strategy and Assessment

No company, product, or service should ever fail due to being unprepared. Our Sales Readiness Assessment is a tool your business can use to measure your readiness for going to market and being successful.

  • Identify your target market and ideal client
  • Discover the value you bring to your potential client
  • Examine our existing sales tools, processes and capacity to grow
  • Evaluate your messaging and existing sales plans
  • Identify areas for improvement and growth
  • Map all of our findings in an actionable summary that you can actually use.

Market Introduction Services

You need a core group of early adopters for your beta or pilot program and we can help you get them! We will find you those important first beta clients & pilot customers so you can gather feedback and market intelligence to iterate and grow.

Our Market Introduction Services Include:

  • Finding you beta clients and pilot customers
  • Market research, gathering insight and information
  • Hands-on help converting market intelligence into actionable items
  • Ongoing pilot program management
  • Clear and distinct next steps for you and your team
Secure Leads and Opportunities

You need leads and opportunities to scale. We will help you find and close those opportunities through outsourced sales for startups, or we can transition great qualified leads over to you and your team to close. We don’t just give you advice on how to build sales, we build them on your behalf.

Our Sales Services include:

  • Opportunity Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Full Outsourced Sales for Startups
Included With All Our Services
Invaluable Sales IQ

Real growth sprouts from quality conversation, not thousands of scripted phone calls. Our solutions are always custom-built with a focus on gaining intelligence for your market and ideal client.

Transparent Communication

You’ll never have to guess what we are doing, as we provide real-time updates and information. Open and honest feedback is just one of the ways we get you the results you need.

Trackable ROI

Our tracking capabilities can show you the true ROI of your hard-earned dollars. We want to show you value every step of the way, from market intelligence, all the way to closing deals.

If only 1 percent of startups are raising capital what does that mean for the 99%? It means that startups who are serious about creating growth and scaling need to have sales. And to have repeatable and scalable sales you need a plan and a professional who can execute that plan.

Anyone who has ever run a startup knows that the demands are never-ending. Outsourcing sales for startups can be a creative and resourceful option for companies looking to grow and gain market share. A great sales outsourcing partner can be a key strategy for companies who are looking to increase speed to market and reduce investment and risk.

While everyone in today’s market is looking for cost-effective solutions, don’t forget that your time is always worth money. With another trusted partner focusing on infrastructure, training, management, systems, and ultimately sales, your time becomes available to sow into your business elsewhere.

At SalesEvolve, our commitment is to always provide a professional sales outsourcing team to hit targets, grow revenue, build pipelines and win deals. We have worked with clients to launch new products and positioned startups for growth. We can scale beyond appointment setting or opportunity generation and we can drive deals through the pipeline.

We would love to chat with you, answer any questions you have, and see if we are fit to help you grow!

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