Outsourced B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Team to
Generate Leads & Close More Sales

Digital Marketing, Social Media, Email & Phone Prospecting
Improve your lead quality and close more sales.


We offer fully customizable revenue generation programs along with a team of proven sales agents ready to work on your behalf. No need to hire additional full-time employees. Less time to train means quicker to market.

What to look for in a Sales Outsourcing Partner.

SalesEvolve Provides Many Sales Development Options


Digital Marketing for Inbound Leads: SEO, Google Ads, Social


Targeted Prospecting via Phone, Social Media & Email


Sales Opportunity Management Closing Deals & Growing Accounts


Partnerships, Channel Sales & Referral Programs

While other solutions were offering the same training and methodology to all kinds of different businesses, at Cayuga Displays, we appreciated that SalesEvolve took the time to get to know our business and our people before providing training. They made an effort to keep an upbeat mood, provide a variety of material and activities and ensure that our team was able to laugh while they were learning. It was eye opening for our team to understand all the moving parts in a sales cycle. SalesEvolve was able to break down the complexity and help our people to confidently navigate it and be more successful.

~ Rick Schotsman, President, Cayuga Displays Inc.

Lead Quality Guarantee: We know that you don’t want to pay for poor quality leads. That’s why SalesEvolve provides you with a lead quality guarantee for our outbound prospecting programs. If the leads we deliver do not match your ideal lead quality profile, or if they don’t initially engage with you, you don’t pay for them.

Multi-Channel Lead Generation At Your Fingertips:

Sustainable growth starts with a strong lead generation strategy and an expert team to deliver it. Whether you need to outsource your entire sales and digital marketing functions or just someone to fill in the gaps, SalesEvolve is ready to find new business for you.

SalesEvolve helps you develop leads in 4 important categories:

  • Inbound Leads: Build engaged inbound traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to improve organic inbound traffic, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) such as Google Ads (paid traffic) and Click Funnels. Capture inbound traffic with Website Optimization to inspire engagement.
  • Outbound Leads: Telephone, E-mail and Social Media based prospecting, appointment setting, demos and personal introductions. Engage new markets with message testing and introduction services. Personalized and targeted e-mail campaigns.
  • (Strategic) Account Development: Account Mapping, Cross Selling, Demonstrations, & Solutions Positioning. Telephone and e-mail programs to identify opportunities within your customer accounts, qualify opportunities and progress sales.
  • Partner Development: Develop a partner strategy (referrals, VARs, distributors). Identify and secure partners that bring new leads or sales to you. Partner sales support.  

Full Sales Cycle Management.

Hire SalesEvolve to be your complete sales team.
Our full sales solutions include:

  • A Sales Director to guide and manage staff
  • A Sales Consultant to provide strategic insight, direction & recommendations
  • Sr. Sales Staff to professionally manage your pipeline, progress deals and close sales
  • SDR’s (lead developers) to fill your pipeline of quality opportunities
  • Sales Operations and Support
  • Sales activity tracked in our CRM (or yours)
  • Pipelines, forecasts and progress reports
  • Marketing (Digital and Content) to support the team where needed
  • All of our Lead Development Solutions

What makes us different: Many lead development companies’ service offerings stop once they’ve flipped contact information over to you. SalesEvolve knows that you may need more. Our group is ready to complement or become your complete inside sales department.

Key to a good fit: SalesEvolve works with many industries including Manufacturing, Logistics, Engineering, Waste & Recycling, Software (SaaS) and professional services industries. Whether you sell services, a complex engineering solution, or a strategic product, we have you covered.

Working Together:

Our Typical Customers:

  • Sell their products or services to other businesses (B2B)
  • Provide unique or strategic solutions to their customers, often with substantial price tags
  • May be located throughout the world, desiring to bring something special to a North American market
  • Have a strong appetite to adapt & learn according to market demand
  • Understand that developing leads can happen quickly, but often takes time to develop relationships, trust and success

Please note: While we appreciate the opportunity, SalesEvolve does not accept commission-only based agreements. Equity-based partnership opportunities are entertained.

Included With All Services

Invaluable Sales IQ

Real growth sprouts from quality conversation, not thousands of scripted phone calls. Our solutions are always custom built with a focus on gaining intelligence for your market and ideal client.

Transparent Communication

You’ll never have to guess what we are doing, as we provide clarity through updates and reports. Open & honest feedback is just one of the ways we get you the results you need.

Trackable ROI

You’ll recognize value every step of the way. We can provide you with metrics and business intelligence to measure the effectiveness of your sales programs.