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We Value Integrity, Sound Strategy, and Intelligent Sales Execution

About SalesEvolve


At SalesEvolve we care about integrity and delivering clients value through sound strategy and intelligent sales execution. We’ve used these principles to build a team of highly skilled and experienced sales professionals, consultants, strategists, trainers and entrepreneurs who genuinely invest in our clients’ success.

Our staff utilizes our rich and diverse backgrounds and many years of combined sales leadership experience to deliver sound help to our clients. With rich backgrounds in software, IT, manufacturing, environmental, logistics and various service-based industries, we’ve got the experience to envision the right strategy and we back it up with sales processes, tools, and ongoing support.

Our team is energized by working with you to discover a better way forward and inject new ambition and enthusiasm into your business. We aren’t stuffy or soulless individuals in pressed suits. We value being approachable, helpful and delivering direct communications without the “fluff”. Our excitement and energy stem from seeing companies grow and thrive, especially the ones we’ve had the privilege to help.


We believe that a supportive and honest work environment leads to exceptional results. We strive for a workplace that’s cheerful, uplifting, and encouraging. These values empower our team to drive value for our clients and make SalesEvolve a great place to work. We are not afraid to challenge convention. Instead of stifling ideas, we encourage our people to think creatively and untraditionally. At SalesEvolve, that’s how we foster ingenuity, that’s how we hustle, how we sell and have fun.

Meet some of our Senior Staff!

Justin Vanhartingsveldt

President & Co-Founder

Justin has a heart for sales and helping companies to grow. He believes in fostering a work environment where people are valued and placed in positions where they will be successful. Justin is passionate about utilizing the unique, inherent strengths of businesses and individuals to foster growth. With over 20 years of professional experience, he has dedicated much time to Software, Information Technology, Environmental, and Services based industries where he has served in a variety of capacities including technical roles, operations, sales, and Sr. management. He’s analytical and thorough by nature and enjoys learning new disciplines.

Justin spends his time managing the operations, systems, and growth plans of SalesEvolve and also provides business counseling services to clients. Outside of the office, Justin most enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and 3 children. He also enjoys motorcycling, grooming his beard, and cheering for sports teams that rarely win (Go Leafs Go!).

Mark Wolters

President & Co-Founder

Mark is focused on helping companies and the people who run them to reach their best. For over 25 years, he has been helping businesses make clear and continuous improvements at a pace that clients desire. Go-To-Market models that are globally orientated, repeatable, sustainable are a personal passion of his. Over the years Mark has served in roles such as VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Director of Business Development, Senior Partner Manager, Senior Consultant, and Psychotherapist. Mark’s approach to identifying areas of opportunity is not market-dependent; he’s worked within various industries such as aerospace, sheet metal, heavy equipment manufacturing, software, retail, assembly production, automotive, skid-based technologies, and even not-for-profits and socially-minded business ventures.

These days, he splits his time between the management of SalesEvolve Solutions and managing/consulting enterprise-level go-to-market projects for globally distributed companies. In his personal life, Mark has been married to an incredible woman for over 20 years, is a proud dad, a craft beer drinker, bird watcher (hey look, a bird!), and an outdoor enthusiast.

Susanne Vanhartingsveldt

Operations Manager, Finance & IT

Hard work, integrity, efficiency, and helping others have always been strong passions for Susanne. Although she started her career as a Software Quality Assurance Analyst with over 10+ years of experience in the Waterloo region, her role has evolved over time and she now wears many hats at SalesEvolve Solutions. Susanne manages the daily financial and administrative needs of the office, provides IT support to the staff, and implements new processes to increase efficiency and clarity. Susanne embodies the proverb “Whoever walks honestly walks securely”.

As a wife of a creative and ambitious entrepreneur and a mother of 3 busy children, Susanne can be found shuttling her children to various events with her camera in hand. She enjoys watching her children’s sporting events (she is often the loudest one there), chatting with friends, trying new things, and eating great food (preferably made by someone else and in large quantities).

Jan d’Ailly

Senior Business Consultant

Jan is an innovative leader who tackles and resolves sensitive and complex business issues with a focus on both the public and private sectors. Jan excels at building collaborative working environments where ideas and issues can be openly discussed. His dynamic sales and marketing strategies create sound solutions for clients. As a strategic thinker, Jan brings order and process to key client initiatives. With previous experience in international, cross-cultural business settings he brings valuable insight to SalesEvolve.

Outside of SalesEvolve, Jan is an avid sailor and during the warm summer months can be found on Conestoga Lake perfecting his sailing techniques. During the cold months, Jan can be found in the dense woods cross country skiing whenever he can. Overall, Jan is a pretty active guy! Jan has language skills in French, Dutch, and Mandarin Chinese.

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