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Choosing a New CRM Solution

There is a lot to consider when choosing a new CRM solution for your business. Whether you are looking for your first CRM solution for your company, or you’ve outgrown your existing CRM, it can be difficult to choose the right one. To be successful, you must understand your sales process (and whether it is working), your needs for sales visibility, and your sales staff’s needs along with their comfort levels with technology. Additionally, you will need to consider training, maintenance, supporting documentation, ongoing support, and customization requirements. With so many different CRM providers, it is difficult to choose what is right for your business.

Companies rely on SalesEvolve to help them select the right CRM, implement their ideal sales process, train staff and maintain the software. We do not represent one CRM brand because there is no “one size, fits all” CRM solution.

SalesEvolve’s services can include:

  • An evaluation of your needs and current sales process
  • Discovery of your team’s comfort levels with technology and sales supports
  • Presenting the best CRM options for you and your budget
  • Demonstrations
  • Developing implementation & training plans
  • Customizing the software to your needs
  • Training your staff (administrators and users)
  • Ongoing maintenance, updates and customizations (administrator for hire)
  • Support and documentation
  • On call administration

Give SalesEvolve a call and we will design a plan that meets your needs and budget.

Optimizing your Current CRM

Your company is unique and is always evolving. Your current CRM solution may have worked in the past but it’s become cluttered with data, needs new fields, updates to processes, and reports, or perhaps you’ve outgrown it all together. Do you experience frustration because you can’t get a clear forecast of sales or a snapshot of sales activity? A CRM solution that doesn’t meet your needs can cause productivity issues and staff may refrain from using it.

SalesEvolve is a revenue growth company first, pairing our experienced sales growth experts with our proven technologists to solve CRM problems.

Our services can include:

  • Evaluating your existing sales practices, staff needs, budget and in-house capabilities
  • Recommend & implement changes to your existing CRM platform
  • Demonstrate alternative CRM solutions and provide cost analysis
  • Design and execute migration paths (ex. Salesforce Classic to Lightning)
  • Develop and conduct an implementation or maintenance plan
  • Create custom reports, dashboards, screens, processes & documentation
  • Provide instructor led training (admin and user) tailored to your updated CRM setup
  • Maintenance, coaching and support
  • On call administration

If CRM has been a nagging issue for your team, give SalesEvolve a call to discuss your needs.


Ongoing Administration, Support & Training

You have a CRM and your team is regularly using it. However, like many companies, you may not have the luxury of having an in-house CRM administrator to provide first-level user support and maintenance to keep your instance clean and organized. You may have hired new staff that has not been trained on your CRM instance. Perhaps you need someone to help you create new reports or add/remove fields, adjust processes or set up new user accounts.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone you could call when you need help?

SalesEvolve can be your offsite CRM expert and on-call administrator.  Companies utilize our staff to:

  • Add/remove users to their CRM
  • Train new employees
  • Clean up data and fields
  • Create new reports
  • Manage upgrades & updates
  • Import lists
  • Be available to answer CRM related questions
  • Add new pages and fields

CRM needs can vary from company to company and SalesEvolve can be counted on to support your business.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss a solution that is right for your company and budget.

Our CRM Services Involve

Sales Experts

SalesEvolve is a revenue generation company first. Your CRM should be set up under the guidance of Sales Experts who have practical experience as salespeople and sales managers. Don’t let someone without sales experience guide your implementation.

Experienced Technologists

Our CRM Technologists are skilled at quickly implementing your processes and optimizing your setup. Pairing CRM Technologists with Sales Experts is a recipe for your success.

Your Business and People

Most important to any CRM work is ensuring your business and people are represented in the solution. We spend time getting to know your staff and your needs before anything else is considered.

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