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Customer First Messaging – ABC’s of Effective Communications

By Samantha

Customer First Messaging… What does it mean?

There are so many tools for prospecting through social media and many of them work well. But are they great? Perhaps you’re getting results, but are you getting great results?

I’m sure you’ve received a message through a social media channel that, at first glance, reads as though it’s a personal message. Did you feel duped when you realized that it was actually an automated message? I understand the challenge!

The good news is that although these are very real challenges to some very useful tools, we’ve identified some tips and tricks to using social media platforms to prospect to real people with sincere customer first messaging.

Customer First Messaging

• The importance of being Genuine
• Communicate With vs Communicate To
• Making things Better
• Finding Common Ground

Best Practices: Effective Communications

Customer First Messaging

Are you selling to fulfill your own needs? Or are you selling to help your customers? If you’re focused only on meeting your quarterly goals and commissions, that will inevitably come through in your social media messaging. Today’s customers in both the B2C and B2B industries are sophisticated. They probably know what they need and, more often than not, have likely already done their research and understand their industry challenges. So, if you’re going to use your social media for sales outreach then it’s best to make your messaging customer focused! Be clear, concise and above all be customer focused!

Addressing Industry Pain Points (relevancy & the importance of finding common ground)

Again, when prospecting through social media to the sophisticated consumer, it is safe to assume that they already know what their pain points are. Let’s be real, no one is expecting you to be the expert in their industry. However, it is just good business practice to have an understanding of what their pain points might be. Look at your prospect’s industry from their point of view and try to understand or anticipate their unique needs!

Offering Value (making things better)

Now that we understand what our prospect’s industry pain points are, perhaps you’re wondering, what do I do now? Now it’s time to craft your messaging to address your prospect’s pain points with a professional and concise customer focus! Spend less time explaining what you want from your prospect and more time explaining how your product or service addresses their industry pain point.

The SalesEvolve Way: Real People & Real Messages (being genuine)

Applying the above tips around value-based selling is all well and good and will ultimately have a positive impact on your social media outreach. Let’s take a step back for a minute and look at this practically – for the small to medium sized business owner with limited resources who often engage in selling their brand, product or services you have to ask yourself:

Do you have the resources to implement these changes?
Do you have the time to engage in customer first messaging?
Are you able to implement these changes easily and are you able to keep up with your prospect communications?

At SalesEvolve, we will work with you to help uncover your value. We will help you make the shift from traditional sales messaging to more customer first messaging. When you’re prospects turn into warm leads, since we will already be familiar with your messaging, product and/or service, we can help turn those inquires into qualified sales!

If this sounds like something you, as a small to medium-sized business owner, could benefit from then I encourage you to reach out to one of our Business Development Representatives and book a consultation. SalesEvolve can help your company find, keep and grow revenue through social media outreach.

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