Lead Generation should be left to the experts

By Justin Vanhartingsveldt

Lead Generation – Whose place is it?

Lead Generation is a term that is used so often in sales and business, that it’s meaning is often misunderstood. Generating legitimate interest in a clients products or services takes time, effort and skill. Often that skill is underdeveloped in sales people.

For most salespeople, lead generation is a job responsibility that is often de-prioritized when life gets busy.  Salespeople will try reaching out to a cold contact once or twice and move on, or perhaps have too large of a time gap between contact attempts. Lead generation is highly dependent on timing, momentum and persistence to be successful. It’s not an activity that can be successful in sporadic activity bursts. Outsourcing Lead Generation to experts who are qualified in connecting and creating interest is a smart use of time and resources because it is their job to consistently and expertly approach the markets you need, without the distractions.

These are just a few benefits to using expert lead generators:

1. Ease of Cost Management:

Successful Lead Generation programs that are hosted in-house can be expensive. Things like staffing costs and hiring costs are not the only financial implications to consider. Also things like data driven analytic software and marketing automation software are expensive to purchase, and a great lead generation team will need those tools if they want to be successful. Lead generation experts already have infrastructure, resources, tools, experience, management staff, HR, IT and all the other aspects of hiring your own team sorted out.

Also, managing compensation and incentives for in-house lead generation teams can get complicated. These are costs that are more easily managed when outsourced. Whether you are making a long term commitment, or starting on a project based program, using a trusted outsourcing partner can lower the costs associated with employee retention, benefits, managements costs and other administrative duties.

2. Utilizing the specialized experience of a lead generation company

The honest truth is that your most trusted and experienced sales people probably don’t want to spend their time calling on cold leads. They would much rather be working with opportunities that are ready to close and driving deals through the pipe. Lead Generation experts are skilled at this vital role in the sale process and thrive on creating qualified opportunities. Utilizing a team that already is motivated to do the hard work of creating initial connects and opposites is a great resource of time. This frees up your already successful sales-team to work on closing deals.

3. Leads are often missed – even by the best sales people

Sales leads that come into your business are often categorized as hot, warm, and cold. It is truly difficult to divide those leads into categories correctly every time. Sales people that work on commission are always going to put their efforts toward low-hanging fruit. There is nothing wrong with sales people spending time on hot leads but the issue is that often times warm leads get neglected. All leads need to be nurtured. You need to get more out of your leads and outsourcing lead follow up to an outsourced team assures that none of these leads ever get missed.

What are some of the benefits you have experienced in outsourcing lead generation to a specialized team or lead generation company?

At SalesEvolve, our commitment is to always provide a professional sales outsourcing team to hit targets, grow revenue, build pipeline and win deals. We have worked with clients to launch new products and positioned startups for growth. We can scale beyond appointment setting or opportunity generation and we can drive deals through the pipeline.

Lead Generation should be left to the experts

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