What is an Outsourced Sales and Marketing company?

What is an Outsourced Sales and Marketing Company?

This is the number one question that we are asked. Often people who are not accustom to the idea of outsourcing can become confused by the very notion of what we do. Even though we may think that outsourcing is a term that people understand, that isn’t always the case.

An increasing number of top business magazines and online offerings are sharing about the idea of “outsourcing” It seems that more businesses are outsourcing pieces of their business to trained and skilled professionals.

If you find yourself asking “What is an Outsourced Sales and Marketing Company” here are some of our simplest answers:

1. What is Outsourced Sales?

Sales outsourcing is simply this: outsourcing a portion or entire sales activities to a trusted 3rd party sales team. Using a sales outsourcing partner allows companies to attract and maintain a sales force without having to make them full or part-time employees.  The amount of money that is spent on hiring and firing staff is staggering. Forbes Magazine shared that business spend over $3,300 per hire. This cost can be a huge risk to businesses as they seek out new staff Outsourced sales companies, lower the risk for companies by sharing the risk. Together, both companies work to find sales and solutions and increase profit.

Examples of areas of sales that could be outsourced:

  • Lead Qualification or Lead Nurturing
  • Management of particular customer segment or territory. e.g. a company becoming an outsourced sales partners for a province or state
  • A new product line or service

2. What is Outsourced Marketing?

Outsourced Marketing is outsourcing a portion of entire an entire Marketing Stratedgy to a trusted 3rd party marketing team. For Marketing operations, the risks are the same with internal hires. There is always an associated cost and risk to bring on a new staff.

Some of the benefits of outsourced marketing is:

  • Companies can find access to higher quality talent and abilities then they might be able to attract to a full time, in house marketing. If they need a certain skill for a certain project, they can find it for a fraction of the cost.
  • Outsourcing Marketing can lower the overhead that would be required to house an entire Marketing team. It is so difficult and truly rare to find one person that is skilled at all the disciplines that a Marketing strategy needs to be complete.
  • Simplification of tasks. An outsourced marketing company is solely focused on your marketing needs, and will not be caught up in the day to to day tasks that an in-house staff are subject to.

The question of “What is an Outsourced Sales and Marketing Company?” isn’t going away anytime soon. It is something that all of us will have to become more and more educated with. Everyone loves something shiny and new, but when the glean wears off you want substance over style. Like any partnership in business, choosing a partner that has similar business values and culture is of vital importance.

At SalesEvolve, sales is our passion. We are a sales and marketing outsourcing company with services and partners for everywhere your business connects with customers. We ensure that customer touch points are done well. Our services are a seamless integration with your business as we identify areas of strength, address your needs and bring a dedicated team of sales professionals to go out there and crush your targets. From lead generation, to managing your sales pipeline to social media, we have solutions that can expand your market share and increase your revenue. Together we have a single-minded focus on making you lean, adaptable and more profitable.

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