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Review of the SafeGuard Health Solution Inc. XtraSafe Hand Sanitizing system

Humanity is no stranger to difficult times and since this pandemic began, people have once again had to adapt. Ask any business owner whose business model revolves around serving a large volume of people and you will quickly learn of the vast amount of change they’ve had to endure to support and protect the health of their staff and customers. One example of protecting people is by providing hand sanitization stations. That’s why we are so pleased with SafeGuard Health Solutions.

When you walk into a retail store, casino or office building you are often greeted with a first generation hand sanitizing solution. These often take the form of a temporary folding table with small consumer grade hand sanitizer bottles and a general mess. Some locations may have something more commercial grade, such as a battery operated hand sanitizer appliance on a stand. The challenge here is low capacity (refilling often) and they always seem to be leaning over. Occasionally, you may also observe an industrial looking device where you press a foot pedal to force a typical bottle of hand sanitizer up against a metal bar. An interesting idea but in practicality, we observed these to be drippy, inaccurate  and lacking visual appeal.  

You cannot fault the business owner for choosing these, as they had to adapt quickly and there really weren’t many viable options available.  Better solutions now exist and they can even help you turn a profit.

SafeGuard’s XtraSafe Hand Sanitizing Solution.  High Quality & Profit Generating.

The designers at SafeGuard Health Solutions recognized that business owners continue to struggle with low quality, high maintenance solutions that lack visual appeal. Companies have already spent a considerable budget on hand sanitizing solutions that were less than ideal. SafeGuard’s team set out to find a better solution for businesses to accommodate the necessary hand sanitization stations while also turning a profit from these necessary efforts. The profits from the advertising opportunities can be used to offset the costs of replacing first generation hand sanitizing solutions with high quality, low maintenance hand sanitizing appliances that can be customizable to any business décor. 

After having used the XtrasSafe hand sanitizing solution, all we can say at SalesEvolve is “mission accomplished!”. 

SafeGuard’s attention to detail is apparent as you as you lay eyes on the XtraSafe hand sanitizing appliance. The device arrives very well packaged and fully assembled. The machining of the metal components is top quality. The surfaces that people touch to operate the unit are made of anodized aluminum and feel very well built. The base and the stem are powder coated and we believe it will stand up to the abuses that thousands of people will put it through.

Setting up the XtraSafe is simple. Simply lift the top cap which houses the spout and swing it out of the way. Next, unscrew another cap that provides access to the tank. Fill it with your favorite hand sanitizer and close everything up again. Only a few pumps of the foot pedal is required to prime it for first use. 

At SalesEvolve, we put this device in our front entrance to test it. We found that people understood how to use it easily. Put your hands under the spout and press the foot pedal down until you receive the  perfect amount of hand sanitizer. It didn’t leave a mess on the floor, didn’t leak and at the time of writing this, we’ve not had to refill it yet. Our maintenance and cleaning staff appreciate that.

The Piece De Resistance – Using branding to earn profit from hand sanitizing

OK, the device is great, sturdy and very well built. Now let’s talk about how to earn a profit from hand sanitizing and improve vendor relations at the same time! This is where it all comes together. Safeguard will custom design a nylon sleeve which slips over the spout and clings to the stem of the device. This sleeve can be designed to complement your décor, and you can also design the sleeve to showcase your vendors. Let’s face it, vendors and sponsors want to be featured in your public space. This is your opportunity!.

If I own a golf course, I can have Titleist sponsor a tournament and prominently display their sponsorship via the customized sleeve on the hand sanitizer. If I’m a retail store owner or manager, I could have Purell showcase their hand sanitizer in my XtraSafe device, and I can have them pay for advertising on the custom sleeve. In either situation, I am able to offset the costs of the XtraSafe device and eventually earn profits from showcasing my vendors. I no longer need to worry about justifying a purchase of the hand sanitizing solutions I really want for my space, despite having purchased a first generation solution that wasn’t quite right.

Our conclusion: If you are unhappy with your current hand sanitizing solution, or if you want to turn a profit from hand sanitizing, this is really a no brainer. Contact your favorite distributor and ask (or demand) the XtraSafe. You’ll be glad you did.

Written By Justin Vanhartingsveldt, SalesEvolve Solutions Inc.

About the device:
39” tall
15lbs empty
Holds 5.5L or 1.45 gallons of hand sanitizer
Sanitizes up to 3500 pairs of hands before refilling
Customizable sleeves & floor signs

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