Consider Outsourced Sales and Marketing

As businesses grow and adjust to changing markets and challenges, many companies are considering outsourced sales and marketing partnerships. Sales and marketing are always areas of growth and adaptation. Companies often require increased revenues, or are working to enter into new markets and verticals. Often times, through companies have many skilled sales talents, the time they spend on activities other than sales is overwhelming. Current statics show that sales teams are spending 25-35% of their time on non sales activities.

Perhaps you are currently facing a business challenge that could potentially be solved through increasing sales activities. Or perhaps you are entering a new market or vertical and are wanting to scale. Whatever your current business challenges are, there is a good chance that sales and increased sales related activities would help move those goals forward.

Sales, like marketing, is a large discipline with many elements from lead generation to lead nurturing to post sale activities and a number of steps in between. Considering outsourced sales and marketing can increase effectiveness in sales for your business and these functions can be partially or completely outsourced, depending on your company’s needs.

Deloitte, published research in 2014 that 11% of companies surveyed outsource part of their sales activities. Outsourced sales and marketing is trending to grow and companies that outsource is tracking to double in the coming years.



At SalesEvolve we have found there are many advantages to having outsourced sales and marketing:

  1. Increased time for those in leadership: With another trusted partner focusing on infrastructure, training, management, systems and ultimately sales, your time becomes available to sow into your business elsewhere. What critical areas of your business could you be focusing on if you were not solely focused sales and building your pipeline?
  2. Speed to scale & flexibility: With another trusted partner focusing on infrastructure, training, management, systems and ultimately sales, the ability to scale quickly is more readily achievable. A trusted sales outsourcing partner will already have a functioning infrastructure and have staff that are ready to grow as your goals grow. All of this is available to you without the hassle of hiring in-house.
  3. Specialist knowledge and instant access to expertise: Outsourced sales and marketing can bring an increased knowledge and depth of understanding of your businesses target market combined with established customer relationships. Utilizing a skilled outsourced sales and marketing partner should give you access to their best practice knowledge for sales process, markets, messaging and customers in your vertical.
  4. Reduce risk and financial burden: Using an outsourced sales and marketing will reduce the overhead you would normally spend, by avoiding the HR expenses around recruitment or the risk of workforce reduction. While a good outsourced service provider will take an investment on your part, the costs of having a full time employee (benefits, risk of turn over, management costs) is not your burden to bear.


There are those that are in need of different sales functions when it comes to outsourcing sales and marketing. Some clients may choose to have their entire sales funnel outsourced, while others are looking for a trusted partner for lead generation. Larger organizations have found success with outsourcing their lead generation, appointment setting and qualification, while keeping account management in-house.

Whatever path you might be considering, depending on your challenges and goals, outsourcing is a viable option and the way of the future. Creating a strong partnership with an outsourced sales and marketing firm is important, as they are an extension of your company and team. The more communication and transparency you have the better and as you ensure strong goals and clear expectations.

These simple suggestions and guidelines can effectively assist you in setting up a sales and marketing outsourcing plan that can help you increase sales and increase your bottom line.

At SalesEvolve, our commitment is to always provide a professional sales outsourcing team to hit targets, grow revenue, build pipeline and win deals. We have worked with clients to launch new products and positioned startups for growth. We can scale beyond appointment setting or opportunity generation and we can drive deals through the pipeline.

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